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The Bar

NDIS Sector Leadership, Consultation and Service Delivery

Welcome to Australian Communities

Raising The Bar For
The Disability Sector

Australian Communities was established to create a disability service sector we can all be proud of.

It’s our goal to see all NDIS providers implement systems and put policies in place which make their business highly sought after by staff and participants.

The contemporary practice model we provide changes how things are done in the disability sector. By sharing simple methods to resolve common problems, it helps organisations to improve standards across everything they do.

Our model is demonstrated in our own work delivering supported independent living services for children and adults with complex needs.

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  • Girl Helping A Boy On Wheelchair
  • Teaching Kids To Draw
  • Girl Helping A Boy On Wheelchair
  • Teaching Kids To Draw
  • Girl Helping A Boy On Wheelchair
  • Teaching Kids To Draw
  • Girl Helping A Boy On Wheelchair
  • Teaching Kids To Draw
We’ll Help You Take Control

We’ll Help You
Take Control

Australian Communities provides advice and training to the disability sector and works with NDIS participants who require support to live independently.
Consulting For NDIS Providers

Consulting For NDIS Providers

Let us show you the right model for your disability sector business so you can implement processes for a smoother daily workflow.

With our help, your NDIS provider business will be far more organised and systemised. As a result, your staff will be more productive and your participants more satisfied with the service they receive.

Australian Communities Support Services

As a Disability Service Provider ourselves, Australian Communities provides round-the-clock supported independent living in the Brisbane area to NDIS participants.

Our professional support staff are fully qualified and have the benefits of working with clear systems so they can provide consistently good quality service.


Free Guide For NDIS Providers
Raising the Bar

This guide shares the contemporary model for best service delivery and practices in the disability sector.

Improve Your Service,
Grow Your Client-base

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  • Queensland Police Badge

    Kelly Gurski (Bright)

    Acting Senior Sergeant
    Officer in Charge

    Australian Communities have certainly raised the bar in the disability sector.

    In the last 10 years I have experienced both the state run disability sector and now the NDIS system and I can honestly say that Australian Communities or AusComm as I like to refer to them, saved me and my adult disabled children.

    Both my children require complex 24 hour care. Several services prior to AusComm didn’t just not come up to standard, they literally put my children’s lives in peril with sloppy caring practices and non-existent risk management.

    Along come AusComm and it’s so nice to not have to worry if my children are being cared for.

    AusComm are my safety net and my warm blanket.

    They not only look after my children, but they nourish them.

    AusComm have taken so much pressure off me, I don’t think I can ever thank them enough.

  • Queensland Police Badge

    Tara Kent

    Director of Clinical

    I just wanted to drop an email to thank you for the great services you provide to some of our mutual clients.

    As a Specialist Behaviour Practitioner, Clinical Director of a registered NDIS provider, I work with many different service providers across South East QLD.

    No service provider is able to provide flawless services, this is just not possible in the dynamic sector we work in. So, what I pay attention to is the intention of the service provider (as evident in their processes, training and communication) and the communication with, and from, the service provider.

    Australian Communities are one of my favourite service providers to work with. They are able to manage changes, they respond well to guidance, direction and support and they have always been highly supportive of helping me implement plans, provide specialist behaviour support and add value to the lives of some very vulnerable people.

    We have several mutual clients and it’s obvious that family members, and participants feel valued and heard when supported by them.

    Cheers guys, keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Lisa-Maree Mansbridge

    Lisa-Maree Mansbridge

    Disability Support

    I personally like Australian communities because it is a great work environment for all the staff, every one works together to offer great support in home and in the community. I like how all staff contribute to make the work place effective and efficient.

    Everyone helps each other and that’s what creates the best work environment. I love how all the staff work together through the easy and tough times. Everyone supports each other and that the best part about working here. We have very caring boss who understand life and work balance.

    Raise the Bar

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