Disability Service Provider and Participant Connection Expo 2021

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

Friday 30 April – Saturday 1 May 2021
Exhibitor Registrations are now open but will fill fast.
Over 15 000 Service Providers Australia Wide have been invited to Exhibit in the 2021 Expo and numbers will be strictly limited. 
With a huge response to our Exhibitor Registrations in the first 2 weeks, get in quick so you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity in 2021.
The Expo venue floor size is increasing to incorporate more participant presence and inclusion, allow more space for meeting & increase service provider-participant connections
We have services registered from around Australia so it is fast becoming a National focus and not just Queensland. This provides great exposure and leveraging for service providers and it’s an opportunity not to be missed. With a National PR Company engaged we will have National and State exposure in January and April leading up to the event.
Exhibitor Numbers are Limited – Don’t Miss Out
Join us for this amazing event for our sector in 2021.  It will be a welcome return to connecting people with Disabilities and NDIS Providers, Allied Health, Early Intervention and Disability/Complex Case Services for Aged and Child Care again after such a huge year of disconnect due to COVID
The 2021 Expo is presented by Australian Communities Pty Ltd in Partnership with Developing Australian Communities Pty Ltd, raising the bar and creating a Disability Services Sector we can all be proud of.

NDIS Disability Service Provider, Early Intervention, Allied Health, Capacity Building, Therapeutic, Disability/Complex Case Services for Aged and Child Care

Friday April 30 and Saturday 1 May 2021 – 10am – 4pm

This event will be free for the community to attend. Over 2 huge days you can find service providers and reconnect,

  • ask all those questions you have about NDIS and navigating your plans, funds and options
  • if you are applying for the NDIS, are new to NDIS or have a current NDIS plan, are looking for service options or have questions you need to ask, then this event is a must do for 2021

We have done away with the traditional show case model and have created an event where participants and their families can,

  • view service provider displays on the day
  • meet providers and discuss their situations 1:1 with meeting spaces available for participating providers
  • ask questions and be guided by our team of concierge Support Coordinators from Queensland’s leading service providers, to explain, answer questions, review possibilities and then guide you

Don’t just brows tables! There will be an online booking system for participants to book face to face meetings with service providers of their choice over the two days to find out more and see who may be a good fit for them.

Free Concierge NDIS Expert Staff Available on Both Days

A team of concierge staff will be available on the day free for all those attending to,

  • support people new to NDIS, looking at applying to NDIS or approved
  • review and support those seeking to connect with the right services and options
  • answer any questions, especially if you aren’t sure what service options are out there, are unsure who to talk to, how to use your plan or would just like support on the day to find options and connect with some of those Service Providers attending
  • look through your NDIS plans if you aren’t sure of how they work and what you can use your funding on, what the different sections mean and help you find the options you have been looking for

You will find a team staffed by Support Coordinators and Professionals from various Service Providers in Queensland and around Australia. This is a free service and available all day over both days of the expo to the community.

There are no silly questions. The team will be there to support you.

Exhibitors and Displays from Service Providers

We have invited and will be showcasing a diverse range of exhibitors

  • over 15 000 services providers, professionals, capacity building experts, therapy, early intervention and disability focused aged and child care options Australia wide have been invited to exhibit
  • Up to 200 exhibitor spaces will be available and there will be a diverse range for you to find that perfect fit option for you, your loved ones, those you support or work with
  • There will also be a focus on resource options, equipment and therapeutic services

We have engaged a National PR firm to ensure our event gets full media coverage throughout Australia to increase opportunities to bring our community the best service providers we can and ensure maximum attendance over the full 2 days.

Connection Sessions with Service Providers

Want to sit down and talk to some of the service providers available over our 2 days of expo 2021?

  • Don’t just walk past tables and gather pamphlets
  • Meeting spaces with an online booking facility to make appointments on the day with participating providers you would like to speak to directly will be available each day
  • Arrange a sit down and talk to some potential providers to find that perfect fit for you
  • Providers with capacity will have appointment times 20-30 minutes attendees can book on either of the two days to find out more in a safe and no pressure setting
  • travelling around having meetings with different providers takes time usually. Meet a few on the same day and make it a little easier to compare and find the right ones for you

This might be your chance to find that great option you have been looking for!

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