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Customer Centred Work isn’t just about approach and practice. It’s about Behaviour. It means,

• Treating Participants, their families and stakeholders with respect because it is right and good business

• Demonstrating a real value in the role of others, by ensuring Participants and their family are present and welcome at all levels of service management and review

• Insisting on real goals and high expectations of all stakeholders

• Expecting good, effective collaboration by demonstrating it and showcasing in action

• Valuing a holistic and authentic life for Participants, Staff and Stakeholders

• Being clear that bureaucracy is separate from living a good life, not limiting or restricting practice, choice and control

• Deciding as an organisation that meeting basic standards is not a standard to aim, for but one which should assumed. Don’t just comply with standards, excel, blaze new trails and levels of performance for the service you offer #ndis #australiancommunities #disability

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