Contemporary Practice for NDIS Service Providers

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Contemporary Practice for NDIS Service Providers means,

• Staff are up to speed with current trends, new legislation and changes in the sector, as well as, having a strong foundation in the basics. It is easy to spot people who do not have a strong knowledge base in a complex sector

• Organisations need a way for staff to access practice directions and check their understanding

• Regular training opportunities and assessment of training needs occurs through teams and one to one supervision

• Training and support for practice is sourced from external providers and experts rather than only in-house options to save money

• Professional develop has real outcomes and can be linked to the work being done now, as well as, having value to staff increasing their engagement

• Innovation and testing new ideas

• Linking and partnerships with professionals and sector leaders to fact check and critique your practice, open up and let external stakeholders give you real, honest feedback and opinions

• Checking out the competition. If you don’t stand up and measure up to your competitors, you want to know sooner rather than later

• Showcasing the organisations work #NDIS #disabilityrights

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