Authenticity Means

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Authenticity Means

It is one thing to say you strive for ‘best practice’, have great policy and core beliefs in your organisation’s constitution, but Authenticity Means

• The language and interactions with all stakeholders inspires authentic experiences and is not ‘professional speak’ and agency ‘white wash’

• Real experience and satisfaction is seen because there are clear avenues for feedback that is listened too and put into action

• Actions and plans are followed through and shown to be done

• Real world promises are made and realistic goals set

• Clear and honest communication is observable about the organisation’s roles and limitations

• Real showcasing and access by external stakeholders, allows real peer accountability in the sector

• Leadership demonstrates humanity by admitting mistakes and modelling growth through reflection

• Acts of vulnerability are displayed by management and professionals to model real reflective practice and a safe space for honest discussion with staff

• Admitting when you have made mistakes – we all know everyone does sometimes #australiancommunities #ndis

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